We often find ourselves without the shit most married people have accumulated by this point: like super tall ladders, certain tools, and, most importantly right now — a snow shovel.

When you get divorced, you lose a lot of your stuff. Especially when you’re the one who initiates the split. It’s easier to just let them have the stuff; you’ve caused enough damage. It takes time to recover from that…to rebuild. But you tend to forget about shit until you actually need it: like the snow shovel.

To be fair, I don’t think my ex and I ever owned a snow shovel (or a ladder for that matter). We were not those practical kind of people, and we rented, so there was no place to put such things. My husband certainly did, but now it belongs to his ex-wife. So we have no snow shovel here, which means there is no way to get out of here until the snow melts, and it won’t be above freezing until Tuesday. 🤣

I guess we will be borrowing one from the neighbors.

Or maybe we will just say cooped up in the house indefinitely. I can certainly think of worst things. ❤️

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