The day is already slipping away from me.

We woke up to the ice age so we had to revise our Sunday Funday plans. No shopping now (boo), but we will catch the movie at 3. Hopefully the ice will have melted some by the time we leave.

I have been reading like crazy, as detailed in my previous posts. And I started two new books as well. Hey…it’s winter.

We went to the gym yesterday and I used the circuit weights. I’m definitely feeling it today, but in a good way. If I can keep it up, I know it will make a big difference. It feels good for my muscles to hurt for reasons other than fibro.

I’m loving the snooze feature on Facebook. I used it three times just today.

I wish I had time for a nap (we were up late), but I’ve gotta get my ass in gear. There are things to do, you see, and the weekend is almost over.

I’ll leave you with a pic from last night, because I love it —

He has my heart, but you already knew that.

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