in which i blah-blah-blah myself

Hypocrite! Ha!

I have twenty minutes until the next (and final!!) appointment comes in, but that isn’t enough time to start on a new case, so why not blog…

Right so, as I’ve already mentioned, I am on the struggle bus today. Not entirely sure why. This afternoon has been better than the morning though. My morning was rough. More shitty weather (rain/snow) and all the fuckery at court this morning. My day did turn around a bit when the judge (fucking finally) set my adversary for summary judgment motions. I was so ready to lose my shit if he set it out for more settlement negotiations. I was ready to say, “Your honor, there is zero possibility of this case settling,” but luckily dumb fuck opposing counsel babbled some nonsense about not being “guilty,” which doesn’t even make sense, and so then I swooped in like SUMMARY JUDGMENT PLEASE — and thankfully that was the end of all that.

Wow…quite the run on sentence up there, Jenn.


Btw – I have a wicked fucking headache today. Yowza.

I have court tomorrow morning and again on Thursday morning and I am so over it all. I need a vacation, like a real vacation — not just a long weekend. I want to go somewhere sunny. Somewhere with a beach. D and I have been discussing a little beach vacay for my 40th. We need to figure that out so I can get stuff booked. All the good stuff goes fast. I’d be down for going back to Key West as long as we can stay at our usual spot.

UGH I have so much to do and so little motivation. I know – just shut up and do your work, Jenn. Nobody cares.

One more client and then I get to pick up Bizzy, grab dinner, curl up with my book and a glass of wine. Ahh. Cannot wait.

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