tuesday looks and the like

I’m wearing these pink kitty socks underneath my over the knee boots today.

Otherwise I’m very boring and plain today. It’s a zero fucks sort of day appearance wise. I’m too tired.

I’m loving my longer hair. Days like today I can just put it up; in a twist or a simple bun. I’m close to being able to rock a fierce top knot bun. Can’t wait for that!

Here I am not giving a fuck —

I hope the work day goes quickly. My husband is doing a work thing tonight, so my plan is to eat a jenn style dinner (burrito??) and curl up with the crazy ass book I’m reading until he gets home. He should be home around 9:30, at which time we have a date of sorts planned. You don’t want to hear the tmi details. 😘

Happy Tuesday. More later.

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