happy valentine’s eve!

Thank god for the “save to draft” feature.

Today has been a fucking shit show.

I’m home now though and soaking away my troubles in my giant bathtub. I had a lovely evening with my kiddos — even after a slightly uncomfortable conversation with the soon-to-be-teen about a topic she’s very defensive about but won’t stop bringing up. Sigh. Whatever…I’m going to keep it real with her like I always do. It’s my job. Parenting ain’t easy, y’all.

Just so I remember:

At one point she said, “I think you just have higher standards than most people,” to which I replied,”No, I just actually have standards.”

She couldn’t really argue with that and so I changed the subject. I figure she can chew on that for a bit and we can discuss it more later.

But all’s well that ends well and tomorrow is another day!

Oh and happy galentine’s day to all of my fabulous ladies! ❤️

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