so much mediocrity

The upside to taking all this tramadol is that it acts as an appetite suppressant. Oh and I have zero desire to drink. There are many more downsides, however. Like the itching. And the brain fog. Or how it makes me very sleepy yet causes insomnia. Oh and the mood swings.

I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a rough day.

In fact, I’m not super enthused about several things happening this week, like my husband leaving for work travel or all the court…especially Wednesday night. I have to plead out a DUI and that’s always a fucking production.

I was reading up on the new medication I was prescribed, and apparently it is being researched as a potential weight loss drug. I’m about it.

I have four months until our beach trip and I need to get swimsuit ready. Every time I make some progress with my workouts, I flare up. Fingers crossed that Xeljanz helps with all that.

My ex-husband believes he has found his bio mom due to a DNA connection (to her sister) via 23 and Me. It’s so weird and interesting and awesome and complicated. He’s like the third person I know who has had a life changing experience after using this service.

I’m way overwhelmed by various work things.

I’m behind on my photo challenges, but I don’t really care, and I doubt I’ll bother to play catch up. I’ll just pick it back up tomorrow. Unless inspiration strikes.

Not gonna lie: I’m looking forward to a kid free night tomorrow night (and this weekend).

I have two (maybe even three) gift cards for massages and I need to put them to use. I’m holding so much tension in my upper body. I’m thinking about doing a massage and mani/pedi. That sounds lovely.

I also have a Pottery Barn gift card, as well as one to a chocolate bar. And a Target Visa card. Lots of gift cards over here. I should use the target card on candles. I’ve burned all of mine down to nothing. Oh and I want new placemats, napkins, and napkin rings.

It seems I could keep babbling on endlessly tonight, but 1) it’s boring and pointless, and 2) I need to get back to this crazy ass book I’m reading, and 3) I have a couch date with my husband in a bit.


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