The internet is down at the law firm. So that kind of fucks up my productivity. Hopefully it is back up soon. I was on a roll.

I’m waiting for my lunch to be delivered. I’m back to salads and fruit. Gotta lose five pounds – or at least two. There’s a number I want to see.

Margaret Atwood has a new book coming out this year and I’m all like omg omg omg.

The cycle of fuckery and incompetence continues as to my meds. But I am happy to report that the new med has at least been called into the pharmacy. Now it’s an insurance issue.

Sigh. It’s always something.

I asked my ex-husband to step up and do something and he’s doing it. This makes me happy. I can do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to our kid, but I do need help from him sometimes.

At least we have good communication going for us. That’s more than a lot of divorced parents can say.

I have another book of poetry from another favorite poet to devour tonight once I get home. ❤️!!

I guess I have a bonus night with the husband tonight. Can’t complain about that! I’m already starting to fret over the week he’ll be out of town next month.

I feel like there was something else, but it’s gone now.

Still no internet here. Fuck.

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