bullets from the bed

  • D has a meeting this morning, so I get to be lazy until lunchtime. No complaints.
  • We’re on eastern time here. And then we’re springing forward this weekend – so my sense of time should be all nice and fucked up by the time I get back home on Monday.
  • Yesterday…I struggle with what to say about it here. I guess I’ll leave it at this: it felt like a bomb was thrown in our laps, and now we have to figure out how to fix the damage, and hopefully prevent future bombings. I feel sad, clueless, foolish, angry…so many different emotions. I hurt for so many different people right now. All in different ways. My job is to provide support. So that’s what I’m going to do. Support and love. Always and forever. I may talk about this in more detail at some point, because I think it’s an important topic. But for now, I need to protect privacy, as well as sort through my thoughts and feelings. But I’m sad. Very sad.
  • I’m learning as I go. Parenting is hard. You don’t know if you’re fucking it up until it’s too late.
  • I’m afraid to get too excited and/or potentially jinx it (I’m that person lol), but I’m thinking that the Xeljanz may be starting to work. Of course, it could just be a coincidence. All I know is that my knee was super swollen and painful yesterday, but it’s significantly improved this morning. I don’t normally make such quick recoveries. I’m cautiously optimistic. Today will make dose three, and so far the side effects have been very manageable. My body has responded favorably to these biological drugs in the past, so…fingers crossed.
  • I started Daisy Jones & The Six on the plane and it’s great so far.
  • As the plane landed last night, I realized that I’m always a bit surprised when I’ve made it without crashing. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned my fear of flying here. It used to be almost debilitating. I remember back in the early 2000s when I would lie awake at night, weeks before my actual flight, obsessing over it. Crying even. There were places I didn’t go because of it…trips I didn’t take. Therapy and meds helped. I can do it now, but I still don’t like it. I’m dreading having to fly back alone on Monday morning. Ultimately, however, you’ve gotta seize the day, because life is short. Cancer helped me realize that. So while I don’t like flying, I do like traveling, and so I get it done.
  • Today should be fun. Our hotel is right in the middle of all the fun stuff in downtown Cleveland. We’re meeting up with our friends tonight. I’m excited.

Happy Friday! Be gentle with yourself. Enjoy the weekend. xoxo

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