My boys are playing a board game right now. Normally this is the time of night where Freya and I would be hanging out. But she’s not here. She’s in an adolescent psychiatric ward because she’s been hurting herself and having suicidal thoughts. I just…I don’t know how to accurately describe the horror of that. This sweet girl who has always seemed so happy and vivacious…she’s been thinking that she’s better off dead; that we’re better off without her. And my heart, and her dad’s heart, and her mom’s heart, and her step-brother’s heart, well they’ve been shattered into a million pieces, because we can’t imagine how we would continue to live without her here with us. We can’t imagine a world where her bright light no longer shines. We feel like we have failed her. And I’m so sorry. And I’m so sad. Fucking devastated. I’m so sorry, baby.

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  1. Oh Jenn, my heart aches for you all. Keeping you, Dave, Jackson and most especially Freya in my thoughts and my prayers <3

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