I’m feeling better about things today, and I’m just generally in a better mood. Hopefully that will last.

I slept a hard, drug induced sleep last night, and woke up clear headed. Thank god for that.

I’d like to think that little bit of exercise last night helped too. We have a plan to do it again tonight. Just the two laps around the subdivision.

Spring is in the air and I like it. It feels like it’s going to bring some healing.

This afternoon, the kids and I are meeting the bestie and her step-son at one of those trampoline places. The kids will jump for an hour while we catch up. This will be good for everyone.

I told my ex that Jackson could stay with him tonight, as it’s the anniversary of his dad’s death. D will be at the University, giving an exam. So it’s just Frey and I tonight. Our plan is to do a bit of shopping (clothes and make-up), followed by tacos and a movie. I found one I think she’ll enjoy.

Enjoy the moment. Don’t over think it.


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