wednesday things

  • Date night was much fun, but too short. We have an entire weekend to ourselves coming up, however, so I guess I can’t complain too much.
  • I was actually able to relax last night. For the first time in a while, I didn’t feel totally on edge.
  • Jackson is with me at the office today! He even came to traffic court with me this morning. He was a big hit with the ladies. Haha.
  • This morning has been a bit crazy so far. I walked into the office and one of my more difficult clients was waiting to yell at me. She is mentally ill, and quite belligerent, so that was fun.  She started calling me a bitch, so I asked her to leave, which she at first refused to do, and I was like please don’t make me call the cops. Please, please please (I’ve had to do it before).
  • SIGH
  • We walked last night again. I think I’m going to try running a bit tonight. Gotta ease into it. I may need to try a couch to 5k or something, because I am way out of shape at this point.
  • More later.
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