the way we get by

Our new bed is so delightful, it has made getting up in the morning even harder.

If you are a grown ass woman with a license plate that says “princess,” I’m judging the fuck out of you, and I’m not even a little bit sorry.

It may still be cold, but it’s technically spring, and I’ve decided to start dressing accordingly.

Pink shoes!!!

This is my third day wearing my new foundation: It Cosmetics Confidence in a Foundation, and I’m ready to give my review: it’s fucking amazing! I thought I’d end up hating it because it’s both full coverage and matte, which doesn’t usually mix well with my dry skin, but it’s fucking legit. That selfie above is not filtered, and I think my skin is looking pretty good.

Also…see bonus kitty on the bench?! She’s a cutie.

I kind of want to do this, but I probably shouldn’t do this…right?

I am ridiculously excited about the upcoming weekend. D and I have a lot of fun stuff planned.

Tonight is a bestie date. Shopping and dinner. Woot.

I want to buy a trench coat for spring. My old one is worn and not fitting as well as I’d like…it was always a bit too small. But I love that trench coat look for spring. I don’t want a khaki one. Something cuter than that obvi.

Okay gotta go to court. Peace out. ❤️

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