This weather tho!!

Omg it’s absolutely amazing outside. This is the first truly beautiful day of 2019. I’m going to be spending the evening with my husband, grilling steaks, smoking, and feeling fine. I’m so fucking pumped.

I came home and immediately put on shorts, which I knew he would love. He complains that I wear leggings all winter. Anyway…I texted him to tell him and he asked for a pic. So I sent this:

And he said: Yes! That actually made me smile!


This weather means:

  1. DMB must be played like all the time.
  2. I need to start worrying seriously about sunscreen (like even more than I already do. All winter I wear at least 30 spf, but now we’re talking 50+ spf and adding my “internal sunscreen” aka Heliocare back into the mix. And carrying sunscreen in my bag).
  3. I need to start taking allergy meds again.
  4. I need to prepare the car for convertible weather!! Clean out all the miscellaneous shit, put in sunscreen, hair ties, and a hat.

It looks like is going to get a little chilly again before it’s nice for good, but I’m so happy about this one lovely day that I don’t even care. This weekend is going to be fucking tops.


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