I’m a free bitch, baby

  • Sounds like we’re going to run our town’s 4th of July race this year. I’ll do the 5k and D will do the 10k. Training starts today!
  • Send thoughts and prayers to my knees. Lol.
  • I’m seriously considering the eyebrow piercing. D is on board. So why not? I can always take it out if I dislike it. I had one back in college, so I know what to expect.
  • And…we came up with tattoo ideas last night. Hopefully D doesn’t chicken out!! I actually have two I want to get. Fuck it…yolo.
  • I’m on a big yolo kick right now. For reasons I don’t wish to discuss at the moment.
  • Last night, we ended up playing cards in bed while we watched music videos (this is classic us) and we kept coming up with all these ideas that we didn’t want to forget. I put them all in Google Keep, and it’s fun to read them today. Some of the ideas are actually good.
  • I feel more relaxed right now than I have in weeks.
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