late thursday thoughts

I’m bloggy af tonight, bro. I guess I’m making up for how pent up I’ve been feeling recently.

I’m getting mad compliments lately on the Anastasia of BH rose gold eyeshadow I’ve been rocking. Def gonna hit the pan on that one.

Dark hair dye = special pillowcase for like the next week.

That lunch today with James and Carrie: we just pick right back up in that way that you only do with the best of friends. I absolutely adore them.

Idk why, but I’m feeling myself right now, and I’m just gonna go with it.

Today I heard, “Holy shit! There’s no way you’re almost 40,” and I’m fucking here for it!

I impressed and surprised my husband this evening by using the term “wanker” very appropriately. I love making him laugh.

Our dinner was so fucking legit, but next time we’re going to tweak it with a bit of white wine for a saucier finish. Leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

I’m in a fantastic mood, and it shows.

Love you, bye ❤️

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