April self-portraits

Not too bad. I actually thought I had missed more days.

For May, I’m going to combine the 365 selfie challenge with the Fatmumslim photo challenge. She’s using the May prompts as fashion/selfie prompts to encourage self-love and body acceptance. I’m into it!!

Some of these will be a challenge, which makes it more fun.

Fashion photo a day challenge!! That’s right up my alley.

I’m not sure yet if I’ll do cy365 for May or not. Here are those prompts:


NO FUCKING CHECKS, BRO. Why would I do work now to get paid later by someone who is filing bankruptcy?? You clearly don’t pay your bills. I’m not trying to be another one of your creditors. This is not a business model that works. Use your fucking brain, please.

Also – client has a 1:30 pm appointment. He shows up at 10:15 am like, “Oh hey I know my appointment is at 1:30, but I’m ready now, so here I am.”

Okay, bro, but WE AREN’T READY WHICH IS WHY YOU HAVE AN APPOINTMENT TIME AT 1:30. What in the actual fuck?

It worked out, though, because the 10:30, who had confirmed, didn’t show up, because somehow between 9 am and 10:30 am, he forgot the time of his appointment.

I can’t today, you guys. I just can’t.

My head hurts.

no joke

The lady behind me on my commute this morning was curling her lashes WHILE DRIVING.

First of all…stupid.

Second of all…how??!

Today’s look

I dig this dress LeTote sent me this month. I kind of want to keep it.

I can’t get a good photo of the fabulous brooch, but 😍😍. I specifically requested this one. My collection is really growing thanks to Redbird Vintage Box.

Look at this one! It was also in this month’s box. Karen sent a note saying she thought of me when she saw it, because it’s both pink and a statement piece.

Love those RVB ladies.

I have to find the best way to rock this one.