so apparently it’s wednesday…

  • I thought yesterday was Thursday and now my sense of time is all fucked up.
  • I forgot to take my allergy meds this morning. Fuuuuuuck. My sinuses may explode.
  • The Honey Jalapeno Rap Snacks are delicious.
  • I hate waking up before sunrise. Hate it.
  • Last night was just what I needed. More please.
  • I think I’m going to schedule a couples massage for D and me. We both need it. We’re carrying so much tension in our necks and upper backs.
  • I have an eye exam this weekend. I don’t think my vision has gotten worse, and I get compliments on my current glasses like all the time, so maybe I should hold off for a bit. Something to think about.
  • Running date tonight. Yay!
  • I hate to complain, because it could be so much worse, but if it could get just a smidge warmer outside that would be great.
  • I’m in the mood to shop!
  • But instead I must work.
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