20 minutes til Tuesday!

  • I’m sort of dreading tomorrow morning because I’m dealing with dick bag lawyer again, and the judge is going to be pissed at us because we don’t have the stipulation of facts done, but this mf won’t respond to me so… THIS SHOULD BE FUN.
  • But seriously, Jenn, why do you even care? Just get through it and move on. It’s a fucking blip in the long run.
  • Jackson has had a headache all night, and I’m sure it’s just allergies, but I’m a mom and I worry…so I’m worried. I hope he wakes up feeling better because tomorrow is the big field trip to the Science Center.
  • Frey is suddenly super obsessed with getting on social media; specifically Snapchat and instagram. D is totally against both. Her mom and I are thinking maybe Instagram, but def not Snapchat. F keeps asking me and I’m telling her she needs to be chill. Considering everything that has happened recently, it feels like a big ask. But on the other hand, we have to give her room to grow.
  • Parenting is hard, yo.
  • I have to be in two different courts tomorrow morning. One in Saint Charles and the other in downtown STL. And I may be in another tomorrow afternoon. Lawyer life, man.
  • I threw on an outfit to run to court this evening, and it was cute, so I think I’m going to wear it again tomorrow, because why the fuck not. It got wasted on O’Fallon muni court. I had it on for like two hours.
  • I need my new shoes to get here.
  • You know how I’m obsessed with my skin? Well the obsession has gotten worse recently, like I probably need to calm down, but ugh I feel like a troll.
  • I need a youth elixir please.
  • I’m so happy to be back to running and just exercise in general. My mood has benefited.
  • I love spring, but the sun is brutal already, and I think I’m going to splurge and get my windows tinted the next time I take my car to the dealership. Fuck the sun. I’m tired of driving around while I shield my face from the sun with my hand. Yes, I seriously do this. See…skin obsessed.
  • Wow this got long.
  • I hope I can sleep tonight. I’m tired of panic attacks and insomnia. I’m sick of the racing thoughts, and the frantic middle of the night email reminders I send to myself. I just want to rest.
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