wasting time

I can’t concentrate on work, though I did get the big things done already: I filed my objection to a creditor’s motion, which was due today, and printed the stuff I need for court tonight. The printer only had one sheet of paper and I was like wtf – so I went searching in Freya’s room and found a bunch. She is always asking me for paper and to use my printer – so I knew where to look. lol. I guess I need to get some more.

I was just reminded by something I saw online that Mother’s Day is only a month away. I’m thinking I should get it together to go visit my own mother sometime soon. I’m also thinking about what I want to do myself. Maybe I’ll make a reservation somewhere nice for the three of us (me, D, and Jackson). And I’ll need to take F to get something for her mom.

My ex has been texting me (and called me earlier) to fill me in on the details of him being reunited with his biological family. I remember all the times we talked about him opening his part of the file at the adoption agency, and always deciding not to, not ever realizing that technology would advance to a point where things like that wouldn’t matter anymore. His bio family sounds quite lovely and welcoming. I’m excited for him…and Jackson too. I’m sure he will have a lot to say about it tonight. He’s always known his dad was adopted, but it’s one thing to know, and another to be faced with the reality of it.  I hope my ex-MIL is doing okay. I know she has been sort of dreading this day for a long time. It would be hard not to feel insecure, but she is, and will always be, G’s mom. Period.

The windows are open and I can hear the birds chirping. It’s quite lovely.

My body is ever so slightly sore from the weight training yesterday, and it feels good. I’m anxious to get out to do a run/walk tonight once D is home from class. Just a few weeks of that left – I can’t wait for it to be over so he can be home with us more in the evenings.

I suppose I should do something productive – yes?




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