weekend recap and monday musings

The weekend was delightful and it went too fast like always. The weather was fantastic! 70s all weekend long. Sunny. I did remember, however, upon doing my first afternoon run of the season in warm, sunny weather, that I do not like running in warm, sunny weather. Lol. So back to morning or evening runs for me. I don’t do well in the heat, being the delicate flower that I am. Haha. Besides, when I run during the day, I don’t get to see all the adorable toads.

We cooked dinner every night, which is unusual for us. Normally we go out at least once over the weekend, and that was the plan for Saturday night: meet friends at a local brewery for it’s grand opening, have dinner, and then the two of us were going to see Pet Sematary. But when faced with the reality of doing all that, we decided we weren’t into it. Didn’t want to hang out with anyone else. Didn’t want to eat out. Didn’t want to deal with the movie theater. So instead we went to a local bar for a couple of beers, hit the grocery store, and headed home to make a yummy dinner. I love when we cook together – it has kind of become our thing.

I’m pleased with the amount of working out we squeezed in, and the reading. So much reading! And GoT – we just started Season 7 last night, so we are in a good place for the Season 8 premiere on Sunday night. OMG!

Yesterday afternoon we finally got it together to go clothes shopping. We’ve been talking about going to Nordstrom for well over a month now. D wanted to upgrade a few items in his wardrobe. I promised him Nordstrom would deliver, and it did. They’re even hemming the jeans for him on site. I love Nordstrom. As for my own haul, I ended up finding the most perfect hot pink flats – perfect shade, buttery soft leather, super comfortable. They were quite expensive because they are Tory Birch, but they are exactly what I’ve been looking for, so I went for it. They are being shipped (didn’t have my size in the hot pink in the store) and I cannot wait for them to get here. I also hit up Sephora (I know, I know) and grabbed more Sunday Riley stuff: ceramic slip face wash and the CEO serum. I used both last night, and so far I’m impressed.

I’m working from home today, because it makes more sense than going in. My dog is sick and can’t go to daycare. I have to be in a court that is 5 minutes from my house at like 4:30 – so why fuck with all that traffic? Being that is is Monday, however, the plan is to ease into the work week. I’m having breakfast as I type this (peanut butter on toast and a banana), and then I plan to do a bit of reading, followed by a shower, and then I will jump into all the work things.

I can’t wait to see my kids tonight. I hope court doesn’t take too long. I don’t want to miss any time with them. I love that first night together after a weekend apart. I love the catching up and the cuddles. Oh and there is Sabrina to watch. I also have a running date with my husband.

I had more to write about, and I even wrote a list in Google Keep, but my phone is not currently on hand, and I figure I’ll be writing more later anyway. I can already tell it’s going to be a bloggy day – haha.

Happy Monday!


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