blog breaks are the new smoke breaks

I’m beyond thankful that the bomb cyclone is not going to reach STL. I know it is going to affect our temps a bit, but I can’t deal with inches on snow dumped on us again. I just can’t. So yes…super thankful.

D and I were discussing moving during one of our recent walk/runs. Not anytime soon, obviously. We can’t really leave the STL area until the kids are off at uni. BUT – we seem to agree that we want to get out of here once that happens. We want to move to a warmer climate. So far the top contender is Charleston, SC. A close second is Atlanta. We’ve also discussed: Phoenix, Savannah, Los Angeles, and San Diego. I’m open, and when the time comes, I’ll be excited for a new adventure with my love.

I know, I know…gag worthy. Lol.

Okay back to work. BTW – this wine is mighty fine.

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