wowza yowza

What a fucking day it has been so far! I’ve been going non-stop since I got up. I’m finally getting a break for lunch at 2:42 pm. I’m spending the rest of the afternoon working from home, so I just popped in a frozen Imo’s pizza I bought from Ms. Kelly F. Thanks, lady! It’s going to be delightful. AND I HAVE TWO MORE IN THE FREEZER. WOOT.

I’m supposed to be at a (FBA) CLE right now, but I skipped it, because (1) it’s downtown, and it’s fucked downtown right now, and (2) I have way too much fucking work to do. I know this is an excellent problem to have, so I’m not complaining, I”m just saying.

So I will work until D gets home, and then we are meeting up with friends at Charleville for drinks around 8 pm, and then whatever other shenanigans we get into.

Luckily, court starts late tomorrow (10:30 am) and it’s in Wentzville (closer to home) – so I can sleep in a bit.

I came home to a pile of packages on the porch! My BOTM is here. My hot pink TB shoes!! A super cute swimsuit cover I bought from Unique Vintage arrived. And finally: my very first Allure Beauty Box. I’ll post pics (maybe) in a separate post.


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