New (to us)

We finally checked out a place we’ve been meaning to try last night: 21st Street Brewer’s Bar. It was a super cool place, and we will def be back.

We don’t hang out in the city as much as we used to, because (1) we don’t live there anymore, and (2) we have a dog, which complicates things. I work in the city, and we used to just meet down there after work, but that’s not so much an option anymore because of Bizzy. We live like 45 minutes away so that doesn’t help either. We need to figure it out though, because we’re losing our street cred. Lol. There are so many new places we need to check out.

Our friends (A&R) were telling us about a cool new wine bar last night, so the plan is for the four of us to hit that up asap.

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