The Sunday Post

So much to say!

It’s a rainy day today. Perfect for sleeping, and lying about with a book. I had a publisher reach out to me and ask me to read a book. It’s a horror novel, and I read a lot of horror, so it makes sense. In fact, I’ve read most of this author’s other works. So I am currently reading The Dark Game by Jonathan Janz. I should finish it up sometime today, and then I will post a review on various sites. I’m not going to go passing on free books! I once calculated how much I was spending per month on books, and it wasn’t pretty.

I’m feeling a bit rough this morning. I’ve hit the booze kind of hard this weekend. Not for any bad reasons, like coping with problems, but just because fun. Last night, we went out for dinner and drinks and then to a comedy show. At dinner, I was drinking Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale, and that shit is fantastic, so I had more than one. At the comedy club, there is a two drink minimum, and yeah I could have ordered a soda, but instead I got a Bahama Mama. It turns out all the drinks are doubles at this club (lol) and it has a lot of rum anyway (2 different kinds to be exact) and so…yeah. But Thrive+ and otc pain pills are my friends, as is water, and caffeine, so it isn’t too terrible. Could be worse.

The show was great. We saw Tim Meadows, and we had really good seats. We were super close to the stage. Of course, people had to act like dick wads and do their heckling bullshit. He handled that shit though. He tore up a couple of motherfuckers, and it was delightful. I fucking hate the public, istg. Why would you pay money to go and shit on somebody’s performance? I don’t understand.

PEOPLE SUCK <<< that’s the explanation right there. It’s that simple.

My alcohol consumption may be up this past week, but apparently my screen time is way down. I got the Sunday morning alert on my iPhone telling me what my screentime usage was last week. I was way down, for an average of like 25 minutes per day. This pleases me. I was talking to my business partner just a few days ago about this: I don’t want to spend my life with my face in a screen. In a book…yes. In a screen…no. And even when it comes to books, I know that I need to read less and be more involved with the real world. We all have a limited time here on Earth, and I intend to make the most of mine. So yes, I am trying to be more present, and it seems to be working. Some days are easier than others, and that’s okay. Nobody is perfect. I just want to make an effort.

The plan for today is pretty chill and simple. Frey and I are going to get our nails done at some point. Then we need to do a bit of shopping. D and I are making dinner tonight – maybe white chicken chili (I’m totally adding cilantro this time). We had the last two episodes of GoT season 7 to finish up and then season 8, ep 1 premieres tonight. I am very fucking excited about this. Thank god HBO took over GoT, because GRRM is never going to finish those fucking books. Sigh.

I need to find my Daenerys wig. It’s around here somewhere.

So…yeah. Happy Sunday, y’all. Peace and love.



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