truthy things

  • I’m in a mood today. I am not fit to people. I am busy af today too, so this should be fun.
  • I’m not feeling like a good mom recently. Or even a good wife really. Or a good attorney. I just feel like I suck all around.
  • If people cared even half as much about other humans as they do about Notre Dame burning, then maybe our world wouldn’t be such a dumpster fire. I mean…I get it, I really do, but still.
  • Freya and I started season 2 of Sabrina last night, but I may have to finish it on my own. She has two tv watching modes: (1) She hasn’t seen it, and asks me questions throughout the entire show about what is happening or what I think is going to happen, or (2) She has already seen the show and spoils every single plot point – in detail – to the point where I don’t even need to watch it. She binge watched season 2 with her mom, so we are dealing with mode 2 right now. Lol.
  • Speaking of Frey, she recently told me about a friend coming out to her while they were at camp, and that the girl is very scared that her family is going to disown her. I can’t even believe we are still dealing with such nonsense in 2019, and it makes me very sad.
  • I feel like a fucking trash demon, and I know I need to do an entire lifestyle overhaul. I’ve gotta dig deep and get it done. I can’t live with myself like this anymore. I know part of it is me being fucking crazy, but that just is what it is, and I’ve got to change the shit I can actually control.
  • I haven’t smoked weed in over a week, and I haven’t even really missed it, so see…not addicted.
  • My break from booze is going to be a much more difficult thing. Sigh. But I need to drop at least 5 lbs asap – for my mental health. I guess I shouldn’t call it a break. It’s more of a cut back. I need to drink way, way less. For a variety of reasons.
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