10:10 pm

  • I wrote a long post earlier in the day, but then deleted it, because meh.
  • This week is dragging.
  • My allergies are horrible.
  • I want to buy all the things, but specifically: shoes, clothes, make-up, and furniture. I’m trying to be good.
  • I missed out on the Urban Decay Game of Thrones line, which is good for my wallet, but bad for my heart.
  • Dramatic much? You know it!!
  • I picked Bizzy up from daycare today, and they were like: so yeah…he ate a live wasp today. This fucking dog! 🤣
  • Doing this diet shit, and I’m already tired of chicken and salad. Lol.
  • Tomorrow night we’re going out to celebrate our friend’s new job. Looking forward to that.
  • We have a non-custody weekend ahead of us. I imagine we’ll get into some shit; like we do.
  • D and I walked 2 1/2 miles tonight, and I ranted for most of it. I had a lot of shit to get off my chest; mostly work related.
  • I got very little sleep last night because it was so hot in the house. We have the air conditioning going tonight, because mama needs to sleep. Thunderstorms are on the way, which I’m excited about, because I love storms. I hope there is some good thunder!!
  • I got a new LeTote today, and it included five super cute dresses. Hopefully they fit. I’m chubby af right now, and I never updated my sizes. So…
  • Photo shoot tomorrow?? Maybe.
  • I have to be up at six am tomorrow and I DON’T WANNA.
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