here goes nothing

I want to post a pic of how crazy my calendar is today, but I can’t, because confidentiality. But yeah…it’s going to be a shit show. And I’m the only attorney in the office for most of the next two weeks. Because of course I am.

It’s been a year since my ovaries were removed, and the hot flashes remain. I woke up so drenched in sweat that I had to get up and change clothes at 4 am. It has become less of a problem, but it still interferes with my sleep.

I’m exhausted.

I’m salty about some work shit. I need to let it go for my sanity.

Btw…sounds like one of my clients surrendered his car, and then went back the next night and stole it off the lot. And now people are calling to yell at me, like it’s my fucking fault. For fuck’s sake.

I have several dead beat clients right now whom I’d love to punch in the face. Stop lying. Pay your fucking child support. Accept responsibility for your actions.

No court today. That’s a tiny blessing. Lol.

Guess I better get out of bed and get this day going.

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