lash obsession

After months of obsessing, I finally decided to go ahead and order a Moxie Lash starter kit (magnetic lashes with magnetic eyeliner). I’ve read all the reviews, and they are overwhelmingly positive. I can’t wait to get them and see how they work for me. I’ll be posting pics and a review – obviously.

Oh and also – I finally broke down last weekend and ordered the Silly George lash serum. It also has crazy good reviews. The before and after pics are cray. I started using it last night. I’ll post a review in a few weeks, but I have a good feeling about it. [I ditched R&D Lash Boost after reading some shady things. It did make a difference for my lashes while I was using it, but not as much as I had hoped].

I figured that these ^^^ were better alternatives to lash extensions, which are expensive, time consuming, and damaging. But fuck do they look amazing. Sigh.

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