here goes…

  • How is it already after 1 pm?
  • Today is Admin Professionals Day, so I tried to make it special for K and T. I brought in donuts. We ordered lunch from Sauce On The Side. I gave them each a card with a nice note inside, a $50 Starbucks card, and a giant gift bag filled with candy.


  • They seem very happy – so yay!
  • I just finished work on a rough case. I’m considering doing an easy one next before I jump into another complicated one.
  • I’m not pumped about having to go to Hillsboro for court tomorrow morning, but the other option was Saline County, so I definitely got the better deal.
  • Tonight I’m planning to do either 30DS or Country Heat, depending on how my joints feel, and then do the 2.5 miles with the pup, assuming the weather cooperates.
  • KC is texting me messages from Jamaica and I am so envious.
  • Started a new book last night: Miracle Creek. I’ve only read the first chapter so far, but it seems promising. I’ve read a lot of good things.
  • My skin is still so dry. It hasn’t recovered from winter yet, and it is almost May. I’m worried this is the new norm.
  • Can’t wait to see the kids tonight. I’m happy we get a weekend with them.
  • Super looking forward to date night tomorrow night.
  • I’m hoping to figure out a budget tonight so that I can start calling landscaping companies tomorrow/this week. I’m ready to get our front yard all prettied up. We considered doing it ourselves, but meh. This will be much better.
  • Back to the grind I go.
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