miscellaneous bullets

  • I had to wake up super early this morning, and I am grouchy as a result. I am not a morning person. I have also not been adequately caffeinated. Bad combo.
  • This super dreary, rainy weather is not helping.
  • But…I’m having Bread Co deliver two cans of Diet Pepsi along with my salad. Thank god for Bread Co delivery.
  • I am super duper pumped about date night tonight. We have a reservation at a place we really enjoy, but rarely go. The wine will flow.
  • I finally have an appointment to take my car into the dealer. I’m going for service, but will get the emissions testing done while I’m there. It’s still a week away, and I had to reschedule appointments to make it happen, but it feels good to know there is an end in sight. This stupid shit has been making me anxious. Mostly just because I know I’m going to get pulled over at the worst possible time, because that’s how it works.
  • I haven’t been reading as much these last couple of weeks. I think it’s a combination of factors: (1) the books I’ve been reading aren’t all that fabulous, and (2) I’m trying to be more actively engaged in the real world.
  • I feel like I’m drowning at the office. The stack of cases to be prepared has gotten so big. I am super overwhelmed, and my business partner is zero help. He’s never fucking here. I’m going to have to bring a bunch of work home with me this weekend. It’s the only time I have to get ahead of shit. More and more, the people coming in for consultations are requesting me personally, so I don’t even get a break there. I have to meet with them all, and do all the attorney work on the back end. I NEED HELP.
  • Fuck it. I’ll get it done. I always do.
  • There is this song by White Zombie called Thunder Kiss ’65 (not my usual jam to be sure), which I hear on Lithium from time to time, and there is this one part that I love so much, where a female voice says, “I never try anything, I just do it.” I feel that shit in my fucking bones.
  • So I guess I better go just do it. Right? Right.
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