two hours til my weekend begins!

It’s Friday. Thank god for that.

I went out for lunch today. By myself. It has been a while since I walked around this area (CWE). A lot has changed. I need to get myself out of here more often; walk around on my lunch break. There is a Treats Unleashed now! So I def have to take Bizzy down there next time he’s in the office.

I witnessed a homeless man being kicked out of a restaurant, and that brought me down.

I can’t stop sneezing today. I’m sure walking around outside didn’t help.

I’m really looking forward to the weekend. Yeah I have to work, but at least I’ll be home with the family. I’m especially looking forward to spending time with my kids. And hopefully some time outside – if the weather cooperates.

Scott is showing me all these old pics from 2012, and fuck we look young. And thin.

In the words of Ser Davos: Nothing fucks you harder than time.

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