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2 thoughts on “Got it!!!

  1. Hey! I’m looking for an honest review of the Silly George Lash Serum! I just got mine and after the first use my eye lids are a deep red you can actually see a streak where it was applied! They keep deleting my comments on their instagram. I think all the reviews must be fake. Looking for some real reviews! Cheers xx

    • I’ve been using it for a couple of months or so and it’s been working for me. It sometimes tingles a bit, and I’ve noticed some burning, but that could also be from my awful allergies. I haven’t noticed anything like what you’re describing. It does seem to work, though I haven’t had the dramatic growth others claim to experience. I hope this helps. Sorry that’s happening! Sounds awful. And deleting the comments…grrrr. I hate shit like that.

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