the weekend d.l.

    The gym: I’m surprisingly into it. I’ve started benching! I can only do the bar for now. Baby steps! I’m looking forward to going back on Thursday. We’re shooting for at least once per week. On the other days, I’m doing 30DS and run/walks. I’m feeling really good about things right now.
    Currently looking into ordering some new workout clothes. I’m tired of looking frumpy at the gym. Plus I’ll need them on Saturday afternoon for the Microfest run.
    Haven’t done much reading this weekend. I’ve been busy. It’s cool, though. It’s better this way. I feel like I have more energy than usual. It’s probably because of the exercise.
    I’m excited because D is done teaching. Finally! He has the final exam to proctor still, but otherwise he’s all mine again on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Yay!
    Lots of cleaning and decorating this weekend. Also some time with friends. It’s been a good one.
    It’s hard to believe it’s almost May. Especially considering how chilly it still is a lot of days. I’m pumped for May though: lots of fun stuff happening.
    We will be finishing out the evening by grilling some burgers, and watching GoT. The big battle is finally here!! I’m nervouscited! Only one more hour til go time!
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