happy almost weekend!

My kid is super excited because his bestie is staying over tonight for the very first time. Frey is going to her own sleepover, so the boys will have the upstairs all to themselves. I bet they get very little sleep tonight.

Playing it by ear as to whether I go see KC tomorrow. I am scheduled to spend the day with her, but I told her to let me know how she’s feeling about it in the morning. I get that she may not be up for it. She’s so drugged up, all she’s doing is sleeping right now. I’m happy to report that there was no sign on cancer in her lymph nodes.

Having floofs in the office is such a great stress reliever. I should bring Bizzy in sometime next week. I want to walk him down to Treats Unleashed.

The bestie and I are planning a weekend away. D’s bestie is coming down the first weekend of June, which is a non-custody weekend, so I’m thinking that is a great time to do a girls trip. Right now we’re discussing Eureka Springs. My bus. partner can’t stop gushing about it, so I’d like to check it out. It’s less than 5 hours away, so that’s a perfect road trip destination.

How my husband describes me: hot, professional, athiest, hipster. I love it.

I’ve decided to try a nasal spray for my allergies. Something’s gotta give.

It’s about time for me to bounce. xoxo



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