morning things

  • Despite not going to sleep until almost 2 am, I still woke up at 6:15 when D’s alarm went off.
  • Maybe I’ll be able to nap later.
  • Jack’s home today because he’s having weird body pains. There is only one week of school left, so I decided not to push the issue. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • This has caused me to change my plans, so I guess I’m going to chill with a book. I’m going to start Necessary People. I’m reading like four other books at the moment, or more accurately, I’ve started four other books, but I’m just not feeling them. Maybe this one will be captivating enough to pull me out of my reading funk.
  • I’ve walked the dog already this morning. We only got in a little over a mile, because it’s already kind of nasty out there. I don’t typically dig daytime outdoor workouts, so we will do another mile or two tonight.
  • I’m way behind on the #cy365 photo challenge. I haven’t even looked at the prompts in days. Maybe I’ll pick it back up. Maybe I won’t. It’s not like I don’t take lots of pics almost every day. I’m a photo whore.

See what I mean. And that’s just the stuff on my phone.

  • I’m still very much enjoying the fmspad_style challenge, however; though I am a day behind.
  • Happy Thursday! I’m going to go relax and enjoy the rest of my staycation day. More later. 😘😘
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