the rage is strong with this one

I’m back in the office after two glorious days away, and while it wasn’t quite as long as I’d have liked, it definitely took the edge off my rage.

Speaking of rage…

I don’t truly believe in astrology, but I love reading about my star sign – Cancer. I am such a Cancer. I’m actually a Cancer sun and Cancer moon – so I’m extra Cancer. Haha. Anyway…this is relevant, because I was reading last night about how fucking ragey Cancers get when you fuck with them. And it’s true.

An example –

Yesterday, we were leaving Frey’s band concert, and, as I was pulling out of my parking spot, some asshole came speeding up to block me. Lol – NOPE. You fucked with the wrong bitch. I just kept coming out, because I was already halfway out of the space, and because fuck you. OMG she was pissed. She started honking and honking, but I kept coming, because, if my kids aren’t in the car, I will hit you. I don’t care, bitch. Yep, I’m that fucking petty. You want to be an asshole, then I’ll treat you like an asshole. Eventually she had to back up, and she had plenty of space, because nobody else was even pulling out yet. So I laughed, and we both flipped her off, and then left to go pick up our motherfucking chicken strips.

D was like: I wonder if that was one of Freya’s friends’ parents, and I was like: I don’t give a single fuck. And we laughed.

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