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  • Eureka Springs was interesting. Not quite what we were expecting. I knew we were in for a weird experience when Crazy Becky told me it was her favorite place in the entire world. We made the best of it, and ended up having a total blast. Our favorite place was The Rowdy Beaver Tavern. The pours were quite heavy, and we left wasted.
  • I’ve never seen so many Birkenstocks in one place. It was awful. lol
  • For the record, my bestie loves Birkenstocks, so I’m not truly hating. Do you, baby.
  • The drive through the Ozarks was breathtaking. The last 90 minutes or so of the drive is on country roads where the only things are lush forest, fields, and wildflowers.
  • I’m happy to be back home. Sleeping in my own bed was devine. I loved the warm welcome I got from my husband and the pets.
  • Next I need a bestie trip with Carrie. We are talking about doing a Columbia weekend and reliving old college times. Let’s walk the Columbia Mall! Lol. We will feel rich as hell.
  • Annie and are are continuing to be true to our new life motto: Be Bold. Changes are in the works.
  • I was obviously off plan/points all weekend, and weigh in was brutal this morning. But I’m already back to tracking. I’m not freaking out about it. If this is a lifestyle, and not a diet, then there will be good and bad days. It’s all about making good choices when I can, so that I can also have indulgences. It’s about balance. I’m so happy with how much my thinking has already changed on this topic.
  • Day Camp started for Jackson this morning. This week he is doing half-days: Sizzing Science & Space Exploration. Freya and I are picking him up at noon, and then we are hitting the pool.
  • I guess I better jump in the shower and start getting ready for the rest of my day.

Happy, happy Monday!

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