spill the tea

My step-daughter asks me to “spill the tea” when I see her after she’s been at her mom’s house. Apparently, this means “tell me your gossip.” Lol. I don’t have much gossip, but I do have some random musings I feel like sharing:

  • My favorite internet train wreck may stop blogging, and this makes me very sad. It has been my favorite internet soap opera for the last several years.
  • Sorry not sorry.
  • I met a 30-year-old female today, and she was cracking me up. She was like, “So I told her, I don’t know how to write a check, like I’ve never even seen one.” God that made me feel old. Though I’m totally with her: checks are stupid and unnecessary.
  • While in Eureka Springs, I kept getting carded, and one waitress said, “You don’t look like you were born in the 70s.” To be fair, I was born in 1979, but still…totally going to revel in it anytime someone tells me I look younger than my age. Deal with it.
  • It reminds me of the time my step-daughter told me that I don’t look like the other moms. She said it in a complimentary way – just to be clear.
  • But then she said, “You are a cool mom,” and that reminded me of the mom from Mean Girls and I was like, “Oh no…” Lol.
  • I recently acquired three sheath dresses care of Old Navy, that are super cute and flattering. I’m going to wear one tomorrow (court day) and I’m super pumped about it. Rock that mom bod, baby.
  • Just yesterday, I canceled several subscriptions. To name a few: LeTote, Meundies, and Dollar Shave Club. I put Redbird Vintage Box on a temp hold; not because I don’t love it, but because my collection is getting a bit out of hand. I still have Allure Beauty Box, though if it doesn’t wow me this month then it will get canceled as well. I will likely never cancel my BOTM Club subscription, though the number of books on hand is starting to get a bit out of control. I need to give some away. That said, I still ordered two this month, and the only reason it wasn’t three is because I already received an advanced reader’s copy of the third (Recursion).
  • I won’t lie: I’ve been eyeing the Ann Taylor Loft fashion box.
  • I’m feeling really good today after all that exercise last night. I desperately need to stay on top of it for both my physical and mental health. I do wish that my knees could handle it better though.
  • There are a couple of carnivals in town – one of which Jack and I saw on the way to camp this morning – and I’m thinking about maybe taking the kids this weekend. We are also talking about going to a water park on Sunday. Of course, it looks like it might be storming all weekend, so maybe not.
  • Yes, I’m already dreaming of the weekend.
  • I’m leaving early today to get my hair done, so I should probably stop blogging and get back to work.
  • Peace & Love
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