Sunday morning shortlist

  • I’m so fucking sore from yesterday’s workout.
  • I spent most of the day yesterday working on the big house project. We’re rearranging the upstairs. Frey is moving into what is now the kids’ family room. Jack will move into what has been her bedroom (at the back of the house). I’ll be claiming his bedroom (front of the house) as my study!! I’m so pumped to finally have my own space! The kids are crazy excited. More later once we have it done. Today we move furniture.
  • Late yesterday afternoon, I prepped healthy snacks for D&D. I made buffalo style cauliflower, which was a huge hit. Even my non-veggie loving bestie was like OMG. I used this recipe as a model, but did modify it. I didn’t use the flour, for example, and added extra spices.
  • I’m totally that person who has D&D related boards in Pinterest…

  • And obviously I’m very excited to decorate my study! More on that later. Must go back to sleep. I’m going to need all the energy I can muster for today.
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