happy friday eve (haha)

  • On the drive down to the office, I figured out a solution to a problem I’ve been stressing over as to a couple of cases I have pending, so that’s a big relief. Now I just have to finish them up.
  • I slept poorly last night. I had body aches – all related to my arthrits for the most part. Meds didn’t really help. I used the massager on my back and neck, which helped a bit. I’m feeling less stiff now. Nights are always the worse, because there is more time to dwell on things.
  • My hot flashes have been out of control recently, too. They are also worse at night, and have been waking me three to five times per night these last couple of weeks. It is ridiculous and awful. I’m ready for this part to end, please.
  • Jackson is in the office with me, so I imagine we will venture out for lunch after the morning appointments. Both of the morning consultations have confirmed, so maybe our shitty no-show rate is finally turning around.  *fingers crossed* This has been a strange season for bk so far.
  • Speaking of strange seasons, this is the weirdest summer ever. The weather is just so odd. It’s rainy and/or cloudy almost every day, and it never really gets above 85 degrees. I mean…I’m good with it, because I loathe the sun and heat, but it just feels weird.
  • This morning was weigh in day, and that was tragic. Just gotta take the hit and move on from it. The issue I’m having is that it is hard for me to lose weight during the summer. We have so much going on: multiple birthdays, parties. vacations, concerts, etc. I just can’t bring myself to not indulge during this stuff, because yolo, and while that may seem silly, I promise you it isn’t to me. I am well aware that every summer might be my last, and I plan on enjoying every last minute of it.
  • I’m not trying to be depressing, just realistic.
  • I seem to lose and gain the same four pounds, and that’s fine for now. I’m going to keep trying, of course, but I’m tired of stressing out about it. There is more to life than the number on the scale.
  • Sounds like my 10 am appointment just showed up, so more later.
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