Saturday stuff and struggles

  • I ran another 5k today. On the treadmill. Didn’t stop. Boom!
  • I watched Annabelle with F this morning.
  • Tonight we’re watching The Nun.
  • I am filled with rage toward my best friend’s husband and I don’t think I can get past it.
  • I will cut a motherfucker.
  • I have an epic zit right on my hairline that is hideous and hurts so much. Luckily, it’s hidden by my hair. But I still feel like a fucking troll.
  • I’m damn near 40 and I have way more acne issues now than I ever did as a teen. What in the actual fuck?
  • I’m running out of time for everything. Ugh.
  • I’m so glad tomorrow is only Sunday. I’m not ready to adult again just yet.
  • We’re going to do our usual Friday night routine tonight, since we were busy last night. This means grilling steaks and listening to a DMB show.
  • I’m worried we’re growing apart from some of our friends. I know it happens, and is a normal part of life, but it still makes me sad.
  • Siberian Huskies fucking stink during the summer. Nobody tells you that.
  • Biz ruined a piece of furniture this weekend by chewing on the table leg. My temporary fix? I tied a scarf around it. It’s actually kind of cute.
  • I feel uncomfortable in my skin today. I’m all out of sorts.
  • Maybe wine will help!
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