Poolside musings

  • There’s just something about a good day drinking buzz.
  • I’m going to need a nap later.
  • And food. I need some food.
  • The sun is so fucking extra here. Lol.
  • A lawyer’s work is never done, particularly if you own your own firm. I’ve already done a poolside facetime with my office manager. I don’t mind though. It’s good to feel needed.
  • I think today is Friday? My sense of time is all mixed up.
  • When we get home, all the big summer events will be behind us, and I can get serious about getting into better shape without any event that may derail me.
  • In fact, we have Nancy’s birthday party a week from tomorrow (I think…lol) and I agreed to be the designated driver (to and from Illinois), mostly to be a good friend, but partially because it’s an excuse to not consume more empty alcohol calories.
  • I’ll be consuming plenty of those here!
  • Speaking of Nancy, she is checking in on my Violet kitty this week. V doesn’t hate her as much as she hates everyone else, and N&N only live five minutes from us. It’s perfect.
  • V can’t be boarded. She’s too fiesty. The last time I boarded her, I was told she wasn’t welcomed back, and it was suggested to me that kitties like V don’t do well outside of the home. Lol.
  • If V has ever been nice(ish) to you, you should feel special.
  • I’m currently buzzed, poolside, sweaty, in a bikini, and trying to not hate my body. I’ve been body watching here, and my body is honestly pretty good all things considered, but try telling my brain that.
  • I’m happy though. Last night, after a group sunset shot/toast, I looks at D with tears in my eyes and sad, “I’m just so happy to be here. To be turning 40, which I once didn’t believe I’d get to do. And with you. Here. In this place. It means everything.”
  • I’m the luckiest. And forever grateful.
  • ☮️ & ❤️
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