Birthday list post: the early edition

– oh hey. I’m 40 today.

– I can’t sleep. It’s 3:18 am.

– today is our last day in Key West. We start the two day journey home tomorrow.

– baby, when I get home, I wanna believe in Jesus.

– not really. Those are the lyrics to Time Bomb.

– hammer in the final nail, and help me pick up the pieces.

– speaking of DMB, they’re playing Atlanta Tuesday night, and we will be in Atlanta on Tuesday night. We discussed grabbing lawn tickets, but ultimately it will be too much to get there in time. Tuesday will already be a long day.

– I’ll probably end up regretting that decision.

– Now that we have the SUV, we’re planning future road trips. We keep going east, so it’s time to go west.

– we’ve already planned to do Deer Creek again next year (DMB two nights in Indy). I think we’re going to camp. We want to see how it goes, and then maybe do it for the Gorge (3 days over Labor Day weekend/DMB in Washington).

– yes, we are crazy DMB people. Lol.

– I want to go to the Grand Canyon. And Yellowstone.

– when I get home, I need to get serious about losing some weight. I plan on drinking less beer and more water.

– I’m supposed to start up with my personal trainer again, but that may not happen right away due to some work shit.

– I need to do a separate post about the work shit, but that can wait.

– I’m not entirely sure what I want to do today, but I know there will be oysters and beer, and dessert at Better Than Sex.

– and actual sex. We’ve been fucking getting it, bro.

– we briefly worried earlier that we were lame for coming back to the room each night after dinner, instead of partying on Duval, but…nah. We have our own private pool. Every night, we come back, get naked, swim, fuck, drink, maybe smoke some weed, and listen to DMB. Then we come to bed where we watch a couple of episodes of TNG. If that means we’re old and lame, I’m fucking fine with it.

– I should try to sleep. It’s a big day, and I plan to live it up.

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