The Good Place πŸ‘πŸ’›



And it feels so good.

I immediately showered off the road trip funk, and now I’m soaking in a bath. The best of both worlds!

My boy is here until Saturday afternoon, and I’m so pleased. (We have a date to ride bikes tomorrow. I’m going to borrow Freya’s, but plan to get my own asap. It’s high on my shopping priorities list).

Kitty hasn’t stopped meowing at me since I got in. This will go on for a couple of days. She’s happy and pissy at me all at once. Lol.

I get Bizzy back tomorrow. πŸ’œπŸ’œ

We don’t get Freya back from camp until Aug 2, but I’ve been stalking the GSEM Facebook page for any pics I can find of her. Nothing great so far, unfortunately. 😒😒 But I know she’s having a blast.

I very fondly remember my own week away at camp when I was 13. In fact, I turned 13 while at camp. I also had my first kiss that week. And met a girl who would become one of my best friends for a long time. Life changing shit…so even though I miss her, I’m very happy for her to be having this experience.

I’m off for the rest of the week (yay!), and I have a very important to-do list to work on. I have lots of medical appointments to schedule, for example. But I also need to make a mani/pedi a priority. It’s all about balance. Haha

So tomorrow…gonna bite the bullet and weigh in. It’s going to be atrocious. But I’m going to record it and move on. There are no more big events to derail me, and no more excuses. I’m not comfortable with myself right now, and that has to change. I’m lucky to have a good support system. My husband, my bestie, and a close friend are all in this with me.

This all means that I’m going to be doing some meal planning as well. And some grocery shopping.

Oh my skin! Ugggghhhhh the sun destroyed it. All my dark spots are popping. I’m going back to basics: vitamin C serum, prescription retinol, and prescription hydroquinone. I’m going to hit up Sephora tomorrow for the former (Sunday Riley CEO), and my derm’s office for the latter. It’s time to stop playing! I may go ahead and make an appointment to discuss this sudden adult acne I’m experiencing, because DISLIKE.

I’m certain I had more to babble about, but I’m ridiculously exhausted from everything, so maybe I’ll remember later.

I’m outtie. ✌🏻️

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