Saturday Stuff

– I woke up to the fire alarm going off at 7:30 am. It went for a few seconds and suddenly stopped. We don’t know why, but everyone was awake after that.

– I am def hungover af today. I forgot how hard the booze hits me even I’ve been working out.

– In addition to doing 30DS yesterday, I went for a run with D when he got home from work. My body is sore today, but it feels good. In about 45 minutes, I’m going to force myself to do it again. The 30 Day Shred that is. No running today.

– Today is sort of a weird day. I’m the DD for my friend’s birthday party tonight. It’s at a bar that’s an hour away. We have to leave at like 4:30, and I bet we aren’t home until after 2. Then the dog will need to be out, so idk when the fuck I’m getting to go to sleep. Sigh.

– Speaking of birthday parties, I’m a bit salty with a friend who made a big deal about how she was coming to mine, then no-showed, and never said anything to me, like not even a happy birthday text. I’m thinking about just writing that friendship off. I can’t be the only person putting in effort. This shit has been going on for years. I never would have expected her to come, but she insisted. πŸ™

– I made cilantro lime vinaigrette last night. My first attempt. It was decent, but not what I was hoping for. I need to work on tweaking the recipe. I have lots of salads in my future. Lol.

– I have no idea what I’m going to wear to this party tonight. The other ladies are doing a 90s thing, but I’m just not feeling it. Maybe I’ll go a completely different direction and wear one of my 50s/vintage looks.

– I think I’m going to squeeze in a nap and hope I wake up feeling better.

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