another post? yep.

After I lose about ten to fifteen more pounds, it’s going to be like I have an entirely new wardrobe when I pull out all the “skinny” clothes I’ve been saving. I can’t wait. I was showing some to Frey the other night, because she was like, “Um…some of them might fit me??” Lol.

I think I may need a serious social media break, like maybe I need to do one of those two week cleanses or some such shit. I almost deactivated my Facebook earlier, because it mostly brings me bad feelings, but I’m in the middle of a conversation on FB Messenger with a friend regarding plans this week. I guess I could just give her my number? Lol. Honestly, the only reason I really use Facebook is to post vacation related things for Facebook memories. For example, I posted a lot while we were in Key West – mostly check-ins and pics. But otherwise I am fairly quiet on there.

I kind of miss the simpler times before smart phones. I remember when the iPhone first came out, and I made fun of my friends for being obsessed with it, but now I am just as obsessed as everyone else. I hate it. It’s such a waste of time and energy.

Next up: maybe I work on my blogging addiction??

Nah, bro.

I’m cramming in this post while I wait on my next appointment to show up. I just heard the door open, and I’m hoping it’s her, because I am ready to get the fuck out of here and start my date night!  She’s 15 minutes late and she’s about to be shit outta luck. Appointments scheduled after 5 pm have a 15 minute window before I peace the fuck out.

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