#laterblog & also #drunkblog

I wrote this last night while I was drunk-high and forgot to post it. Just ran across it, and it made me laugh. You’re welcome. 🤣

I want to fuck this couple that my very good friends absolutely hate, like so much so that I worry it will cause a problem, so I have to make a choice, and I choose our friendship obvi. But it sucks because I want to fuck this other couple, particularly the female – which is sorta new to me – my first real life female crush! I mean, I’ve had sex with women before, but I’ve never actively pursued one. Her husband is…fine. Basically, I’d take a pounding from him to get to her. These are the things I can say now that my family (hopefully) doesn’t read this anymore. Lol lol lol

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    • I’m pretty sure I’m going to get drunk and level us up. You know how I get… 🤣

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