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I want an air fryer. I would use it to make fried curry cauliflower like they sell at Petrichor (local brewery). And other stuff too, obvi.

Speaking of Petrichor, I want a shirt that says craft beer makes me hoppy. They’re currently selling those. Maybe we can go tonight, babe?

I want to train for a 10k. I’m worried my knees can’t take it, but I want to try. We are signing up for the Go STL Halloween race, assuming it doesn’t interfere with some travel plans we’re making.

I found out an awesome kitty died recently, and I’m bummed about it. RIP, Bozo. I’ll miss you.

I also found out that another awesome kitty, my bestie’s baby, is sick again. No!! Leave my Morgan kitty alone.

And one of Freya’s kitties recently passed, though she was old af, it’s still sad. Makes me hug my Violet extra hard.

I’ve picked up a few new blogs to read.

I’m in a bit of a reading slump. Not sure why. Maybe this new book will snap me out of it: The Whisper Man. I need to read Thirteen, like Elizabeth has told me several times. Haha. It has great reviews and I have an ARC.

I’m working from home today, but it’s already 10:20 and I haven’t done dick so far, except drop Jackson at camp, and eat breakfast.

I woke up not feeling well. My throat and head hurt. My eyes burn. Sneezing. Yep…motherfucking allergies.

I may just chill out all day: read, sleep, watch shit. I can catch up tomorrow and over the weekend.

It’s now technically our non-custody weekend. We have some party plans. I’m assuming we will do some house project stuff, too. And I’m hoping for a bit of a fuck fest, tbh.

I have to go to the dmv today and get our new car titled. Boo. I’m applying for a personalized plate as well! I’ve always wanted one of those.

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