a monday list post

  • Feeling a bit overwhelmed tbh.
  • My ex is driving me fucking nuts.
  • I should probably bring some work home tonight.
  • And I def need to exercise.
  • First day of school is tomorrow. How?
  • People are already asking about the date of our annual Halloween party.
  • I think I want to do a holiday party in December as well. Maybe a dinner party.
  • And we want to plan a game night.
  • But August and September are mostly already full.
  • Where is the year going?
  • I dislike this heat and humidity very much.
  • My hair is all frizzy as a result.
  • I ate half a bag of Rap Snacks for lunch, because it’s what was here.
  • I have to hang out with my ex this afternoon. Send good vibes and lots of alcohol.
  • Okay, okay – gotta get back to it.
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