Ten minutes till Tuesday

  • Sarah Jessica Parker has a shoe collection, and I need them all. Yes, need.
  • I bought a bunch of drugstore makeup today just because I felt like it.
  • My kid’s new teacher is a legit hottie.
  • I’m way into house projects right now. Like borderline obsessed.
  • I’m in a big time reading funk. That makes me sad. Kind of. I mean…I like how engaged I am in my life currently, so…
  • Dude, I love not having Facebook and Tumblr on my phone. Game changer!
  • My legs are looking hella good recently. Mama like.
  • Tomorrow is the first day of 4th grade for my kiddo. ❤️
  • If this desk doesn’t get delivered soon… I’m about to lose my shit on Wayfair tomorrow.
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